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Golden Star Driving School!

Our instructors are professionals with years of experience helping students to perform well at the road test. Licensed and certified by the New York State DMV.


Lessons include important maneuvers, such as parallel parking and three-point turn, carried out in areas giving you the necessary 

experience to ensure you success at the DMV roadtest!


Driving School office temporarily closed. Under construction. Will reopen shortly.

Why choose Golden Star driving school?



  • We speak English, Español, and Portuguese.

  • We provide Car Insurance with lower rate.

  • We provide Insurance Deduction Rate



  • We give you the lowest rates in town!

  • We are available 7 days a week including evenings & weekends.

  • We treat you with patience and understand anxious students.

  • We schedule your DMV appointment for you.


Golden Star

Driving School

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